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Why Is Water Important?

In a recent blog Naturopath and author Lesley Una Pierce gave us an informative and entertaining introduction on the topic of water and hydration for human health. This article was popularly received and in today’s blog Lesley provides an excerpt from her new book ‘The Life-Saver’s Guide to Water – The Elixir of Life’ that may help many of us think more consciously about this essential health matter.

We all know that water and hydration are essential for human life. But how much do we really know about these topics, and applying some form of ‘best practice’ to maximise our healthy hydration levels? Continue reading  ▶

Children’s Nutrition and School Meals

Children require suitable levels of vitamins, minerals and natural nutrients for both mental and physical growth and development. Yet surveys and research continue to highlight common childhood nutritionally deficiencies in the UK. Continue reading  ▶

The Importance of Magnesium

Our article this week is on the often overlooked importance of the mineral magnesium. The health and nutrition writer Anette Harbech Olesen has compiled a booklet packed with wonderful information on this essential mineral. The booklet includes details on the positive actions of magnesium in our body, the issues with good magnesium levels in our diets, the risks of magnesium deficiency, plus recipes and a great deal more valuable information. Continue reading  ▶

The Menopause – Time To Put Ourselves First

The Menopause – time to put ourselves first!

“In China the menopause is known as the Second Spring and it is regarded as a time when women often find a new and more confident voice. Women at midlife are valued for their wisdom and respected for their life experience. Menopause is considered to be a new and surefooted beginning. That sounds good to me!” So writes Aisling Grimley, founder of the website and blog ‘My Second Spring’.

Continue reading  ▶

Methylation- energy for life and living

Methylation: energy for life and living!

Methylation is one of the body’s most important and commonest chemical processes, occurring many times a second in every cell and organ of the body. Methylation is a process that is vital for our health and wellbeing and can be simply summed by as the addition of a methyl group, or ‘CH3’, to many chemical compounds in the body. This article will explain what this means to you. Continue reading  ▶

We are what we eat? We are also what our mother ate at the time of conception

We are what we eat? We are also what our mother ate at the time of conception

We recently provided an article to introduce the emerging and exciting field of nutrigenomics. Put most simply nutrigenomics is the study of the effects of foods on ‘gene expression’ and how nutrients from foods can have varying affect on different individuals based on their genes. Now a hugely exciting research project reveals that diet has the potential for significant impact on human health – from the earliest stages of life. Continue reading  ▶