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The Health Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D – A Timely Reminder on its Importance

The clocks are changing and with not only daylight hours but sunshine in the UK in scant supply now is a timely and essential reminder of the importance of maintaining good levels of vitamin D in the body.

This crucial health matter has been further highlighted by official figures that note “New figures show the number of children in hospital suffering from Vitamin D deficiency have tripled in four years, as experts say parents should ensure young children take a supplement daily.” Continue reading  ▶

The Importance of Magnesium

Our article this week is on the often overlooked importance of the mineral magnesium. The health and nutrition writer Anette Harbech Olesen has compiled a booklet packed with wonderful information on this essential mineral. The booklet includes details on the positive actions of magnesium in our body, the issues with good magnesium levels in our diets, the risks of magnesium deficiency, plus recipes and a great deal more valuable information. Continue reading  ▶

The Health Benefits of Vitamin D

There is no question that suitable vitamin D levels are important to the health of us all, and at all stages of our life; and this includes from in the womb. There is also no question that many groups of the UK population have low vitamin D status. The UK Government currently have a range of recommendations in respect of ensuring certain population groups get enough vitamin D. Continue reading  ▶

Omega 3 and Childrens Learning

Health & Nutrition in the News

A review of recent health related research stories that made the news with five items comprising: ‘Low Omega-3 could explain why some children struggle with reading’; ‘Bacteria responsible for gum disease facilitates development and progression of rheumatoid arthritis’; ‘Nutritional supplement intervention may have significant benefits in hospital’; ‘Three-year low-dose menaquinone-7 (Vitamin K2) supplementation helps decrease bone loss in healthy postmenopausal women’ and ‘Exercise when you’re pregnant ‘and you’ll have a brighter baby’. Continue reading  ▶