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New Year Health Tips 2015

The formalities of the Christmas period are essentially wonderful, with time off work, nice food and spending time with your family and friends. But in reality it is also a stressful time of year for many people. Then we have the excitement of the New Year and the psychological impact of a new calendar year and perhaps the post seasonal ‘blues’ as winter sets in.

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Secrets For A Gluten Free Christmas

A gluten free lifestyle has become an increasingly prominent option for a healthy and happy life. Whether adopting a gluten free diet or just cutting back on the amount of bread we eat can have immediate and tangible health benefits. In recent years it has become much easier for anyone to embark upon, and maintain, a gluten free diet.

A good example being the ever increasing selection of products with no gluten available at health stores and in supermarkets. More and more people are also sharing their success stories about how a shift to a gluten free life has meant a goodbye to troublesome symptoms and discomfort. Continue reading  ▶

Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Time for ‘A Novel Therapeutic Programme’?

The announcement recently that “NHS bosses say family doctors in England are to be paid £55 for each patient they diagnose with dementia” provoked a good deal of controversy and strong opinions, both within the medical profession, the media and general public.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia have certainly been in the news frequently in recent months. This included the announcement last year by prime minster David Cameron of a welcomed increase in funding for Alzheimer’s and Dementia research as the UK hosted the first G8 dementia summit to lead international action on tackling the condition. Continue reading  ▶

Support for Disturbed or Disrupted Sleep

Support for disturbed or disrupted sleep

Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill is a leading holistic hormone health specialist who previously provided us with an article on thyroid health. More recently she has published a book ‘Weight Loss Winners & Dieting Downfalls. In today’s blog Alyssa has kindly provided an excerpt from a chapter in this book titled ‘dieting downfall – your sleep’. This information will be of interest to anyone who suffers from disturbed or disrupted sleep, and particularly those planning or undergoing a weight loss diet. As Dr Burns-Hill notes “you can make a significant difference to your ability to sleep by using some simple guidelines”. Alyssa starts today’s article by asking us all a few questions about our typical sleep patterns. Continue reading  ▶

Why Is Water Important?

In a recent blog Naturopath and author Lesley Una Pierce gave us an informative and entertaining introduction on the topic of water and hydration for human health. This article was popularly received and in today’s blog Lesley provides an excerpt from her new book ‘The Life-Saver’s Guide to Water – The Elixir of Life’ that may help many of us think more consciously about this essential health matter.

We all know that water and hydration are essential for human life. But how much do we really know about these topics, and applying some form of ‘best practice’ to maximise our healthy hydration levels? Continue reading  ▶

When Your Body Reacts to Gluten

Our article today is provided by Anette Harbech Olesen, Danish writer, nutritionist and food and health blogger. Anette has previously provided us with some wonderful articles on gluten intolerance, coeliac disease and the mineral magnesium (links to these articles provided below). Continue reading  ▶