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Fermented Foods

Fermented Foods

How many fermented foods do you regularly consume? Perhaps you eat them daily as a matter of course, or your diet may already include a number of such foods but you aren’t even aware of it. The topic of fermented foods has received a steady stream of positive worldwide media more recently. Dietary regimes incorporating fermented foods have gained in popularity and been lauded for their theoretical health benefits, primarily in terms of gut and immune support. Continue reading  ▶

Why Is Water Important?

In a recent blog Naturopath and author Lesley Una Pierce gave us an informative and entertaining introduction on the topic of water and hydration for human health. This article was popularly received and in today’s blog Lesley provides an excerpt from her new book ‘The Life-Saver’s Guide to Water – The Elixir of Life’ that may help many of us think more consciously about this essential health matter.

We all know that water and hydration are essential for human life. But how much do we really know about these topics, and applying some form of ‘best practice’ to maximise our healthy hydration levels? Continue reading  ▶

The Importance of Detoxification for Preconception Planning

This article will provide mums and dads to-be with an increased understanding of the benefits of detoxification before conception. We also cover a range of pertinent diet and nutritional issues relating to preconception and pregnancy, This information can therefore be used as part of preconception planning to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy, for both mother and child. It should also be stressed that preconception planning is equally important for men – in order to increase the chances of a successful conception and healthy birth. Continue reading  ▶

Thyroid Problems – the difference between ‘form’ and ‘function’

Thyroid Problems – the difference between ‘form’ and ‘function’

Most people think of health problems being about disease and ‘something’ (usually an organ) failing on some level. However, in my experience of working with hormones, they illustrate that there are often functional reasons behind problems being experienced.

This may be why so many health problems seem to have no identifiable cause, because medicine looks for problems at the organ level – it looks at ‘form’. When it comes to thyroid problems it looks at the ‘form’ of the gland – is it diseased or failing? Continue reading  ▶

Our Genes throughout life

Our Genes throughout life – the importance of dietary components and Nutrition

In our ongoing series of articles on the emerging and exciting field of Nutrigenomics we continue to explore and demystify topics such as epigenetics, polymorphism, gene expression and methylation. We also look at the practical application for nutritional genomics with individual genetic profiles. Continue reading  ▶