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Diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME – What’s missing?

It is estimated that around 250,000 people in the UK suffer from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome  (CFS), also known as myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), with 1 in 4 of these sufferers experiencing severe symptoms that affect quality of life and seriously reduce mobility. It is a condition, along with many other chronic diseases, that appears to be in a ‘grey area’ in terms of treatment and a possible cure. But could we be looking in the wrong direction for an explanation?

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Metabolism & Thyroid Function

Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill PhD is a leading holistic hormonal health specialist who has previously provided us with two fascinating articles on ‘Thyroid Health’ and ‘Support for Disturbed Sleep’. This week she has been kind enough to supply us with another excerpt from her book “Weight Loss Winners and Dieting Downfalls”, concerning the influence that  thyroid function and metabolism can have on ones ability to lose weight.

As Alyssa highlights in her book, “Supporting your thyroid hormones is a major influence in your metabolism that will enhance many positive areas of your health and wellbeing. This can mean a huge difference in your success – both short and long term – in achieving your weight loss goals”. Continue reading  ▶

Support for Disturbed or Disrupted Sleep

Support for disturbed or disrupted sleep

Dr Alyssa Burns-Hill is a leading holistic hormone health specialist who previously provided us with an article on thyroid health. More recently she has published a book ‘Weight Loss Winners & Dieting Downfalls. In today’s blog Alyssa has kindly provided an excerpt from a chapter in this book titled ‘dieting downfall – your sleep’. This information will be of interest to anyone who suffers from disturbed or disrupted sleep, and particularly those planning or undergoing a weight loss diet. As Dr Burns-Hill notes “you can make a significant difference to your ability to sleep by using some simple guidelines”. Alyssa starts today’s article by asking us all a few questions about our typical sleep patterns. Continue reading  ▶

Thyroid Problems – the difference between ‘form’ and ‘function’

Thyroid Problems – the difference between ‘form’ and ‘function’

Most people think of health problems being about disease and ‘something’ (usually an organ) failing on some level. However, in my experience of working with hormones, they illustrate that there are often functional reasons behind problems being experienced.

This may be why so many health problems seem to have no identifiable cause, because medicine looks for problems at the organ level – it looks at ‘form’. When it comes to thyroid problems it looks at the ‘form’ of the gland – is it diseased or failing? Continue reading  ▶

Methylation- energy for life and living

Methylation: energy for life and living!

Methylation is one of the body’s most important and commonest chemical processes, occurring many times a second in every cell and organ of the body. Methylation is a process that is vital for our health and wellbeing and can be simply summed by as the addition of a methyl group, or ‘CH3’, to many chemical compounds in the body. This article will explain what this means to you. Continue reading  ▶