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Glycobiology: An interview with Professor Gordan Lauc

In the first of a 3-part series preceding our event on “Reversing the clock on biological ageing”, clinical neuroscientist and functional nutrition practitioner Miguel Toribio-Mateas interviews Professor Gordan Lauc of the University of Zagreb, one of the world’s leading glycobiology scientists, and a speaker at our upcoming event in February.

During the interview, Professor Lauc discusses the complex field of glycobiology and why it is becoming one of the most promising scientific disciplines of the 21st century.

Professor Lauc will be speaking at our Practitioner Education Day in February. To find out more about this event, and to book your place, please click here.

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Leading a sedentary lifestyle – could sitting really be the new smoking?

Have you ever considered how much time a day you spend sitting down? And what impact this may be having on your health? Well the average person living in the United Kingdom now spends approximately 8 to 9 hours sitting down every single day. This is quite a staggering statistic and a major health concern, one that carries distinctly separate health risks to those associated with a ‘lack of exercise’. But what are the negative impacts that a sedentary lifestyle has on our health? And how is it different from simply not exercising enough?

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Nutrient Support for Cardiovascular Health

Due to medical advancements, death rates from heart disease are falling. Nevertheless, it was reported in 2019 that cardiovascular disease accounted for 27% of all deaths in the United Kingdom. However, the WHO (World Health Organization) have estimated that more than ‘80% of premature heart attacks and strokes are preventable’, with a healthy diet and other lifestyle factors being central to this.

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The Bredesen Protocol™ – Is nutrition the key to Alzheimer’s?

Following our recent visit to the US, and The Buck Institute, we at Cytoplan are excited to announce a collaboration with Professor Bredesen – and The Bredesen Protocol™ – to help bring his work surrounding Alzheimer’s to the UK. The Bredesen Protocol™, a multi-factorial lifestyle and nutrition based approach to treating, and reversing, early onset Alzheimer’s, has so far successfully reversed Alzheimer’s symptoms in 90% of 110 people.

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