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An Introduction to Joint Health

An Introduction to Joint Health

This article provides a basic overview of human joint health and how this relates to nutrition and relevant food supplements. At a later date we will be providing a health practitioner based article on this topic that will cover relevant issues such as inflammatory mediators; how generalised low grade inflammation decreases pain threshold; trigger foodstuffs and more complex explanations of the mechanisms by which supplements such as glucosamine. Omega 3 and Celadrin may support joint health and relieve pain. Continue reading  ▶

Glucosamine Sulphate

Glucosamine Sulphate Supplement

The Cytoplan nutritional supplement Glucosamine Sulphate is part of our ‘nutrients from nature’ range. It is specifically for joint support and therefore mainly used by those experiencing joint problems and/or pain, a common ailment for many as we get older. It is also commonly used by ‘athletes’ or those undergoing regular ‘rigorous’ exercise (from teenagers upward). Continue reading  ▶