Our pregnancy blogs explore how mothers can support their own health and the health of their baby. Plus, we provide support for how both parents can prepare their bodies by ensuring good nutrition to assist fertility and conception.

Omega 3 FIsh Oil Benefits

A closer look at Omega 3 – EPA/DHA & the latest Research

Omega 3 is an ‘Essential Fatty Acid’ and the topic of Omega 3 seems never far from the public eye ...
Folate Supplements and NTD Neural Tube Defects

Folate (Folic Acid), Mothers-to-be and Pregnant Women

Good news finally for folate in food supplement form - folate (also termed folic acid) has been issued with a ...
preconception and nutrition

Preconception Planning

It is estimated that one in six UK couples experience difficulty in conceiving, with poor diet, stress, maintaining a healthy ...
Pregnancy and iodine

Iodine, Pregnancy and Children’s Brain Development

Newly released research published in the Lancet has raised concerns for iodine levels in respect of pregnancy and how this ...
Methylfolate supplement


Methylfolate is emerging as a new and exciting food supplement for anyone who needs to supplement with Folate (also known ...
Attention Deficit Disorders and the Implications of Iron Deficiency

Attention Deficit Disorders and the Implications of Iron Deficiency

The causes of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) in children are unknown. Naturally a great deal of research worldwide is ...