What nutritional elements do those on a vegan diet need to consider? Our team of in-house nutritional therapists and guest writers explore this topic in more detail in this section of the blog.

Cooking with Olive Oil

Is it okay to cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

Are you a fan of Olive Oil? I love it for its healthy properties and delicious taste. There are lots ...
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Vitamin B12 deficiency

Vitamin B12 Deficiency and Pernicious Anemia

We get many enquiries from people suffering from acute or on-going symptoms of regular pins and needles in the limbs ...
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Omega 3 FIsh Oil Benefits

A closer look at Omega 3 – EPA/DHA & the latest Research

Omega 3 is an ‘Essential Fatty Acid’ and the topic of Omega 3 seems never far from the public eye ...
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Vegetarian Vegan Nutrition

Vegetarian & Vegan Nutrition

Vegetarians & Vegans typically eat a wonderfully healthy diet. However their regime on occasion may lead to nutritional deficiencies, a ...
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