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Vitamin E – explaining the roles of tocopherols and tocotrienols

Vitamin E is a fat-soluble vitamin which has antioxidant properties. It is therefore considered important for tissues that have a high concentration of fat, preventing lipid peroxidation and thus supporting cell membranes and neurones.

Although vitamin E rich foods have shown positive benefits for health, particularly for cardiovascular and cognitive health; similar results have not been shown in research using α-tocopherol vitamin E supplements.  This article will look at vitamin E, explain its different forms and outline why, in spite of mixed research results in the past, vitamin E supplementation offers potential for future therapies. Continue reading  ▶

Cytoplan & ‘The Nutrition Gap’

When it comes to nutrition the philosophy at Cytoplan is that: a) There is a ‘Nutrition Gap’ in the population, supported by research, which means most people are not getting the nutrients they need for health from their diet. b) Nutritional supplements can bridge this gap when they contain the appropriate levels of nutrients; and also when the nutrients within are in a bioeffective form (for example ‘Food State and Wholefood’). Continue reading  ▶

The Importance of Detoxification for Preconception Planning

This article will provide mums and dads to-be with an increased understanding of the benefits of detoxification before conception. We also cover a range of pertinent diet and nutritional issues relating to preconception and pregnancy, This information can therefore be used as part of preconception planning to increase the chances of a successful pregnancy, for both mother and child. It should also be stressed that preconception planning is equally important for men – in order to increase the chances of a successful conception and healthy birth. Continue reading  ▶

The Importance of Magnesium

Our article this week is on the often overlooked importance of the mineral magnesium. The health and nutrition writer Anette Harbech Olesen has compiled a booklet packed with wonderful information on this essential mineral. The booklet includes details on the positive actions of magnesium in our body, the issues with good magnesium levels in our diets, the risks of magnesium deficiency, plus recipes and a great deal more valuable information. Continue reading  ▶

Thyroid Problems – the difference between ‘form’ and ‘function’

Thyroid Problems – the difference between ‘form’ and ‘function’

Most people think of health problems being about disease and ‘something’ (usually an organ) failing on some level. However, in my experience of working with hormones, they illustrate that there are often functional reasons behind problems being experienced.

This may be why so many health problems seem to have no identifiable cause, because medicine looks for problems at the organ level – it looks at ‘form’. When it comes to thyroid problems it looks at the ‘form’ of the gland – is it diseased or failing? Continue reading  ▶

Fertility & Conception

Fertility & Conception

This article provides both mums and dads ‘to be’ with a good breadth of information on a range of health aspects that impact on fertility and conception. This includes preconception planning notes for both men and women, and healthy planning suggestions ahead of both pregnancy & breastfeeding. With guidance on the most relevant nutrients and supplements including information for vegetarians, vegans and those on special diets. And sensible diet and nutrition suggestions for women whilst pregnant and breastfeeding. Continue reading  ▶