Action Against Alzheimer’s Programme

Action Against Alzheimer’s Nutritional Therapist Training Programme

The AAA Programme is being run by self-employed nutritional therapists, licensed and supported by Cytoplan.

The programme involves nutritional therapists delivering:

  • Introductory talks to members of the public to provide education and with the aim of enrolling participants into the full programme
  • AAA Workshop sessions for small groups in your area. These are a series of 8 workshop modules that are recommended to be held at weekly intervals. The workshops are designed to help people optimise cognitive health by engaging with each aspect of the prevention programme including: Nutrition, Gut Health, Stress, Sleep; Exercise & Brain Gym. A homestudy module – the Self Care Journey – runs alongside the workshops and is designed to support the change process
  • Optional individual nutritional therapy consultations for those attending the AAA Workshops

Cytoplan has developed a 1-day briefing/training for nutritional therapists and one of the requirements of becoming licensed is attendance at this day. The day provides an overview of the structure and content of the workshops.

Malvern | Thursday 2nd November | Cytoplan offices, Worcestershire

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Cytoplan Aims:

  • To educate the wider public on what can be done to prevent/reverse cognitive decline using the principles of functional medicine and a multi-intervention approach
  • To engage at-risk and interested individuals to take action before signs of diagnosable disease
  • To establish and support a nationwide network of nutritional therapists engaged in the AAA programme
  • To fulfil the aims of our charitable foundation of improving the health of the nation
  • To help support and build the businesses of our nutritional therapists

Difference between The Bredesen ProtocolTM and Action Against Alzheimer’s Programme

The Bredesen ProtocolTM is a programme that is used by Doctors in a clinical setting. The programme diagnostics rely on input from numerous blood and other tests (including scans) for input into a software algorithm from which patient programmes are produced. All programmes are overseen by Professor Bredesen. This programme carries a high patient cost and is designed for Alzheimer’s therapeutics – although the same programme is being used in the US for people wanting individualised prevention programmes.

At this time the model being used above does not fit the UK medical model and is presently being adapted. There are Doctors in the UK who have been trained by Professor Bredesen and who are using a version of the above until The Bredesen ProtocolTM  software is programmed to work without needing such a high input from blood and other tests.

We are offering an Action Against Alzheimer’s programme – an education programme – which utilises the components of The Bredesen ProtocolTM in a preventative capacity to help the general public understand what they need to do to optimise their cognitive function. Whilst Alzheimer’s and dementia may be diagnosed in our 70s or 80s, the processes that eventually result in dementia occur much earlier – in our 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. The Action Against Alzheimer’s programme is for people BEFORE they develop dementia. However, there may be carers of patients with Alzheimer’s who wish to attend the workshops.

Support You Will Receive From Us – Cytoplan Will:

  • Provide help and support with your marketing e.g. downloadable template materials for you to use in your area
  • Continue to generate ongoing awareness of the programme
  • Supply copies of our AAAbooklet at cost price
  • Supply toolkits and materials for talks and workshops. These materials provide a framework for you to deliver the programme and include; PowerPoints, handouts, activities etc and help and support when needed

 Our Expectations from You:

  • Provide details of nutritional qualification, insurance and CNHC registration (or NTOI in Ireland)
  • Ideally 2 years in practice
  • Complete briefing day
  • Provide talks to public groups
  • Aim to run 1 – 2 AAA Programme workshop courses per year, each of the programmes includes 8 workshop sessions (so 8 – 16 workshops per year)
  • Provide online updates on patient progress e.g. MYMOP scores (this will be anonymous using numbers not names)
  • Provide information on attendance numbers for talks and workshops. And also feedback from attendees who will have completed a feedback form from both the talk and each workshop session
  • Be willing to engage in ongoing development and continuous improvement of the programme
  • You will only use this programme as provided to you – any modifications or changes will need to be approved before use


On completion of the briefing day there will be an individual appraisal of competence to run this programme. This will take place at a later date but we would ask that all appraisals are carried out within 6 months of completing the training. Once a candidate has satisfied us that he/she is competent to present our material we will grant a licence which will be renewed annually. The licence is to run the Action Against Alzheimer’s programme; it is not a licence to work with Alzheimer’s patients using the Bredesen ProtocolTM.

For more information please contact Emma Williams (