A low carb Christmas

Low-carb diets are low in carbohydrates, the food group that you find in ultra-processed sugary foods, pasta and bread. Those who are stuck on the “low fat” way of thinking have demonised low carb diets as unhealthy;  the reality is that there’s nothing unhealthy about eating a variety of fresh foods rich in protein and nutrients, a diversity of brightly coloured vegetables, natural fats from nuts, seeds and olive oil, and some fruit.

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In the news – health and nutrition research

In this week’s article, we provide a roundup of some of the most recent health and nutrition related articles in the news, four items comprising:

  • Definitive link? Cochrane review finds omega-3 intake in pregnancy slashes risk of preterm birth
  • Sugar tax on soft drinks raises £154m
  • Benefits of exercise-boosted gut dependent on weight and regimen: Study
  • Type 2 diabetes affects 7,000 under-25s in England and Wales

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Boosting immune health with beta glucan

A report from Public Health England13 has said that the overuse of antibiotics is putting lives at risk. Studies have concluded that millions of routine operations could become life-threatening and experts have warned that a rise in drug-resistant bacterial infections risks pushing medicine “back to the dark ages”. The incidence of septicaemia, in which bacteria are resistant to at least one major antibiotic group, has risen by 35 per cent in four years. For vulnerable people, such as children, the elderly or people with compromised immune systems, antibiotic resistance can be life-threatening. It also significantly increases the risk of routine surgery, organ transplantations and childbirth.

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Bone density – diagnosis, nutrients and lifestyle factors

The NHS reports that osteoporosis affects over three million people in the UK.  In addition, according to prevalence data from the UK Adult Dental Health Survey, 37% of the adult population has moderate levels of chronic periodontitis, while 8% of the population suffers from severe periodontitis.1

Low bone mass is a feature of both these conditions and thus increased risk of osteoporotic fracture and periodontal bone and tooth loss.2 In this blog we will discuss nutrients and lifestyle factors that can have a positive effect on bone density.

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