The role of vitamin D and COVID-19 – the latest research

This in-depth and detailed article is provided by Eshani King, a researcher in immunology and health.

It is now widely known that a disproportionate number of COVID-19 related mortalities in the UK have been in non-white, BAME populations [2]. The obese, diabetics, hypertensives and the elderly have also been disproportionately affected. BAME doctors account for 94% of total deaths of doctors but comprise 44% of doctors [1]. The suggestion that these deaths result from deprivation does not fit with the high numbers of deaths of doctors and others in higher socio-economic classes; there must be a different and perhaps more comprehensive explanation.

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An introduction to nutritional genomics

Are you a nutritional or health professional working hard to recommend individualised dietary protocols for each of your clients? Maybe you have tried a food regime or which worked wonders for one of your loved ones – mother, aunt, sister – but did not achieve the same results for the other members of your family? Consider this, does everyone in your family wear the same shoe size? The problem is – one size may not fit all – this rule applies to both shoes and our nutrition.

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Selenium and Vitamin D – the most vital nutrients in our armoury against the present threat

During this anxious and difficult time we are trying to keep you up to date with emerging research about useful interventions for protecting health and supporting immunity. Our previous blog has highlighted nutrients that have been considered important for protecting against infections. Research is currently emerging with the nutrients vitamin D and selenium at the forefront. Population groups which are most likely to be severely affected by Covid-19 are also most likely to be deficient in vitamin D and selenium.

Of course this can, on the surface, be attributed to coincidence and other factors, but this blog aims to describe the functions of both nutrients which play an essential role in immune function, reduced risk of infection and supporting lung health.

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B12 supplement study rebuttal

It is typical of much of what passes for medical science for there to be deep biases against all that is non pharmaceutical practice. When we see alarming headlines about such an essential nutrient as  Vitamin B12 being dangerous, when in fact widespread deficiency and inadequate treatment is rife, then it is vital we carefully and robustly assess what lies behind the  headlines.

Our article this week is provided by Dr David Morris. Dr Morris has been a qualified doctor since 1994 – after training in internal general medicine he moved into General Practice in 2000 and practises as  freelance GP and Integrative Physician. He has trained and practices in  a wide range of integrative modalities including acupuncture, functional nutritional medicine and homeopathy. He holds Membership of the Royal College of Physicians – MRCP(UK) – and has a Postgraduate Diploma in the Study of Integrative Medicine.

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Latest immune support advice from our Nutritional Therapists

During these worrying and challenging times, we are getting a lot of queries about how best to support resilience to infections. As COVID-19 is caused by a novel virus there is limited research with regards to specific support that may be useful. However, evidence is available for interventions which support immunity, protect against viral infections and may possess antiviral activity. In addition, new research is emerging all the time with regards to interventions that have the potential to be useful against this specific strain, as well as other strains of coronavirus.

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