D-Ribose For Energy Production

D-Ribose For Energy Production

D-Ribose is a naturally-occurring sugar that is vital for energy production in our body. D-Ribose is such a vital energy source for us as it is the main building block of ‘ATP’ production and important for maintaining normal ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) levels in the body.

Under stressful conditions vital body tissues and organs such as heart and skeletal muscles may not replenish ATP quickly enough to perform optimally. D-Ribose supplements can help speed energy recovery, increase energy reserves and maintain healthy energy levels in heart and muscle tissue.

Supplementation with D-Ribose is most commonly associated with:

  • Athletes and those undergoing rigorous exercise
  • To improve symptoms of chronic fatigue/ post viral fatigue such as M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) and chronic fatigue syndrome (C.F.S.)
  • For Heart and Cardiovascular Health and those experiencing Coronary illnesses


ATP is the primary source of energy for cellular processes. It is the molecule that stores and provides the energy required in our day-to-day activities. It is present in the cytoplasm and nucleoplasm of every cell and essentially of all physiological mechanisms that require energy.

D-Ribose for Energy Support
D-Ribose supports the ‘ATP cycle’ and our energy production; ideal for athletes, heart health and cardiovascular conditions, and chronic fatigue symptoms

D-Ribose, a carbohydrate molecule found in every living organism, facilitates and assists in the synthesis of ATP. As food in the cells is gradually oxidised, the released energy is used to re-form ATP so the cell maintains a constant supply of this essential molecule – this is known as the ‘ATP/ADP cycle’.

Healthy, active cells replace their ATP stores on a regular basis to produce the needed cellular energy. However, under stressful conditions vital body tissues and organs such as heart and skeletal muscles may not replenish ATP quickly enough to perform optimally. D-Ribose supplements can help speed energy recovery, increase energy reserves and maintain healthy energy levels in heart and muscle tissue. Ribose and its related compound, deoxyribose, are the carbohydrates necessary in forming DNA and RNA.

D-Ribose aids energy production by providing a natural ‘substrate’ for ATP synthesis to help ensure a constant supply of this essential molecule.


It is difficult at times for us to get sufficient D-Ribose from foods. Not many foods contain significant amounts of D-Ribose. In addition having ingested foods containing D-Ribose our body has to go through the process of converting the foods accordingly – conversely this takes time and energy and particularly for athletes this is not a feasible scenario.


Among serious athletes, D-Ribose is one of the more popular supplements taken in an effort to increase stamina and endurance and help aid in recovery from workouts. D-Ribose may help shorten recovery time between workouts. The supplement, initially formulated for athletes and bodybuilders, has benefits for others regardless of age, gender and fitness level.

D-Ribose supplementation may support those undergoing regular strenuous exercise as it is boosting ATP and hence muscle energy during the exercise period. Thereafter this cycle may support muscle recovery and overall ‘recovery times’.


We have described how ATP production and D-Ribose are essential to daily health. Similarly as D-Ribose supports blood flow, energy and muscle recovery it can support our important muscle – The Heart. Decreased blood flow through the arteries in the heart is a serious condition with implications for diseases such as coronary heart disease.


D-Ribose supplementation is commonly taken in an effort to improve symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS)/ post viral fatigue such as M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), or the effects of Epstein–Barr virus or Glandular Fever (etc.)

With its ATP and energy boosting qualities D-Ribose may improve overall energy levels by supporting the overall bodily energy cycle, muscle energy and heart flow. It may also be that some CFS sufferers have low levels of ATP. D-Ribose supplementation may also assist the typical chronic fatigue symptoms of muscle fatigue and pain in the same way it support athletes recover from strenuous exercise.


As with any supplement comprising a vitamin, mineral or natural nutrient not all supplements are the same. For example the Cytoplan supplement is pure D-Ribose powder containing no contaminants, no fillers, taste additives or anti-caking agents.


D-Ribose is produced naturally in the body. There are no reported adverse side effects with regular intake at our recommended dose levels. Do not take D-Ribose if pregnant or breast-feeding, if you have diabetes, if you have low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) or if you are scheduled for surgery. Take D-Ribose with food or just after eating.

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    1. Hello Marcelo,

      There can be complications with diabetics taking d ribose – whilst in some cases it can be supportive, it is not always suitable. We would advise you discuss this with a doctor – you may need to take a print out of the mechanism of action of D ribose to help the doctor assess if suitable or not as they may not have come across it before.
      If you require any further help, please do feel free to contact us at nutrition@cytoplan.co.uk

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