Digestion & gut health

Taking care of our digestive health will help support the detoxification and elimination of toxins from the body. In this section of our blog we explore topics related to gut health, digestion overall wellbeing.

Flatulence & Bloating common causes and Natural Support

Wind, Bloating and Digestion

A regular excess of wind (‘flatulence’) and bloating of the tummy can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and ultimately stressful. The stress ...
Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

Healthy Holiday Travel Tips

For us in the UK the main holiday season is approaching. And whether you are planning a family break in ...
Aloe Vera Supplements

Aloe Vera Liquid, Juice and Gel

The Aloe Vera plant provides some wonderful and natural health products. These are most commonly split into 3 different ‘products’ ...
Antibiotics probiotics diarrhoea

Antibiotics, Diarrhoea & Probiotics

It really was great to see the Cochrane Collaboration publish their review on probiotics and antibiotics. “Scientists at the Cochrane ...

Vitamin D, New Research

Thanks to the various efforts of health body’s, eminent research and lots of mainstream media attention the importance of Vitamin ...