Practitioner-led Prevention Programme

Practitioner-led Alzheimer’s Prevention Programme


Alzheimer’s disease is a growing problem that has recently been brought to the fore by many world leaders. 30 million people are affected globally and this is likely to be 160 million by 2050. It is also the leading cause of death for women in both England and Wales, do you want to be part of a team that could potentially change and reverse these statistics?

Calling all health practitioners…

Cytoplan are seeking trained, self-employed, Registered Nutritional Therapists to help educate the wider public on what can be done to prevent and reverse cognitive decline using the principles of The Bredesen Protocol™; a multi-factorial lifestyle and nutrition based approach to treating Alzheimer’s disease, that has so far seen successful results in 90% of 110 people. To find out more about The Bredesen Protocol™ please follow the link to a recent article reviewing the protocol and research.

We will be training and licensing practitioners in locations throughout the United Kingdom to create awareness in their area about the help that is now available. Practitioners will also be able to offer self-empowered preventative programmes for those who are ‘at risk’ or simply interested in helping themselves to be as healthy as possible.

This training will consist of:

  • 1-2 days training in various locations to accredit and license a group of competent practitioners to be part of our therapist network
  • A talk that can be given by practitioners to the general public in their area about Professor Bredesen’s work and programme
  • Prepared follow-on modular workshops that can be run by practitioners for people who want to know more about the components of the programme and how to follow it. This includes a Powerpoint presentation on each module, handouts, notes for the presenter and also further reading and exercises
  • Introduction to the range of supplements that have been developed to support The Bredesen Protocol™

Why become part of this initiative?

  • Be part of a team who could help to change Alzheimer’s statistics in the UK
  • Gain new customers from talks and workshops
  • Have a presence on our searchable Licensed Nutritional Therapist register on our website
  • Ongoing training where updates are needed
  • Cytoplan will help to support the marketing side of this programme

Do you fit the following criteria?

  • Suitably registered and insured to practice Nutritional Therapy
  • CNHC registered
  • Preferably 2+ years in practice
  • Willing to complete the prevention programme training and training assessment

Registered Nutritional Therapists who are interested can e-mail Emma Williams ( with the following information:

Details of qualifications, insurance, and CNHC registration.

Emma will send you full details about the course, proposed dates, venues, what we provide and our expectations of you as a member of our team once trained.