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Could the answer to obesity lie in the gut?

Ellie Mechnikov, the Nobel prize-winning scientist, attributed the health and longevity of the Balkan peasants in the early 20th Century to their habit of drinking fermented milk and the effect of this on the gut flora. He said “When people have learnt how to cultivate a suitable flora in the intestines of children as soon as they are weaned from the breast, the normal life may extend to twice my 70 years”.

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Eczema – Looking Beyond the Skin

Eczema is a name for a group of skin conditions – of which atopic eczema, (also known as ‘atopic dermatitis’) is the most common. This condition often occurs in people who are prone to other common allergies. It can run in families and often develops alongside other conditions such as asthma and hay fever.

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In the News – Health and Nutrition Research

In this week’s article we provide a review of recent health related stories that made the news with five items comprising:

  • “Call to punish GPs over antibiotics”
  • “Omega-3 could help support ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut”
  • “Targeting glucose production in the liver may lead to new diabetes therapies”
  • “Mediterranean diet ‘as effective as statins’ in reducing heart attack risk”
  • “Getting closer to understanding how exercise keeps brains young”

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