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Inside-out skincare: nutrition for skin health

In this blog our guest writer, Fiona Lawson – a nutritionist, researcher and skin specialist – shares her nutrition advice for supporting skin health.

We knew that diet affected skin before we could even define nutrients. In the mid-18th century, British sailors dreaded the bleeding gums, skin haemorrhages and bruising that could develop on long voyages. In one of the earliest clinical trials recorded, Scottish physician James Lind determined that giving sailors a ration of citrus fruit would help prevent these symptoms from appearing. It would be another 181 years before vitamin C was isolated and identified, but now we know this condition to be scurvy and vitamin C – rich in citrus fruit – to be the cure.

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Healthy ageing: nutrition and lifestyle support

With an ageing population and a rising life expectancy, it is more important than ever to consider how to stay healthy as we age. Over 65s now make up almost 20% of the UK population1, and with a rise in chronic diseases in older people and a high number of people living with co-morbid conditions2 it’s become clear that earlier interventions are needed to keep us healthy.

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CBD: history of use and benefits to health

Our guest writer for this blog, Tony Reeves, is an industry expert for CBD. He is a board member and UK lead for the European Industrial Hemp Association (EIHA), representing the CBD industry to the MHRA, Home Office, FSA, HPRA, FSAI, parliamentarians and Whitehall, contributing to presentations to Brussels on various matters including novel food regulations, CBD and THC levels in food, food supplements, beverages and cosmetics.

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Keeping well on holiday

Whether we are taking time out, exploring new places, relaxing, adventuring or just having a change of scene, holidays are a valuable and wonderful part of our lives. Unfortunately, they can sometimes be marred by illness or discomfort. A lecturer once said that we would never be ill when we travelled if we moved at horse or walking pace and adjusted to the changes in the environment, food and water as we went. While this is hardly feasible, there is support we can give ourselves if we recognise some of the pressures travelling puts our body under.

In this blog our guest writer and homeopath, Kelda White, shares her advice on keeping well whilst travelling or on holiday.

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