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Image of happy senior man and woman dancing in their kitchen for blog on sarcopenia

Sarcopenia – a cornerstone of ageing in men (and women)

The word sarcopenia comes from sarx meaning “flesh” and penia meaning “loss”, hence it is a term describing muscle loss. It is well documented that ageing is associated with muscle loss. This is both a double edge sword and a vicious cycle. When considering longevity, muscle has been referred to as the “Anti-ageing God.”

Muscle plays an essential role in maintaining wellness as we age, but as we age muscle mass declines. At the same time as muscle loss, we get an increase in adipose tissue, further contributing to loss of lean body mass percentage and subsequent physiological dysfunctions (discussed later). If muscle can be maintained more effectively throughout life and particularly in older generations, it can support healthy ageing and longevity. This blog discusses the importance of muscle health and how it can be maintained.

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