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Close up of a beautiful women with healthy teeth free from dental disease.

Diet, nutrition and dental disease

The mouth is often considered the terrain of the dentist, with the oral cavity being treated in isolation from the rest of the body, and often separately from the ‘rest of medicine’.

The mouth, however, IS attached to the rest of the body, and it is not a case of ‘what happens in the mouth, stays in the mouth’. On the contrary, what happens in the mouth can often be a sure sign of what is happening in the rest of the body.

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Young woman staying centred as she stands on one leg, arms spread wide.

Staying centred in a challenging word

Supporting others, in achieving their best life, has been a passion of mine for many years now.

What constitutes a successful life is of course unique to each of us.  However, one thing I believe we all have in common – a healthy body and mind is the foundation for enabling our choices.

To maintain, or set a path, to our desired life shape with wellbeing as our companion, is a combination that I personally strive to live and breathe by, and the ethos behind much of the work I do.

I am of course not immune to the fact that striking a balance between the two is not the easiest of endeavours.  In fact, I often joke that the reason I do what I do is that I am naturally rubbish at it!

So why a blog about staying centred in a challenging world, from someone who is innately flawed at achieving it?

Quite simply, I think we all need to regularly shine a light on ourselves and our health, at the best of times.  Right now, I think we need to do this more than ever.

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Close up of male chef's hands holding a white bowl of a seaweed salad. Eating iodine rich foods can be helpful for thyroid health.

Thyroid health: diet and lifestyle support

The number of people with thyroid health conditions continues to rise each year, although many of us are unaware we are affected as symptoms can be wide-ranging and non-specific and are often mistaken for something else. According to the British Thyroid Foundation, 1 in 20 people in the UK suffer from thyroid disorders with women six times more likely to suffer than men. However, the actual incidence is estimated to be much higher.

So why are we seeing this increase? In this week’s blog we will take a look at some of the underlying mechanisms that might be contributing to the rise in thyroid dysfunction and also at some of the nutritional and lifestyle interventions to help support our thyroid health.

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