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Stepping into spring: three mature women sat cross legged outdoors alongside a lake practising yoga.

10 wellbeing tips to step into spring

Spring has arrived. The time of year when the hibernation of winter draws to an end, and we can start ...
Rheumatoid arthritis - signs, symptoms & risk factors

Rheumatoid arthritis – signs, symptoms & risk factors

Statistics on rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from the World Health Organization1 In 2019, 18 million people were reported to be living ...
A pile of pebbles on the wooden bridge on the beach. Conveying balance, stillness and calm - feelings and qualities that practising mindfulness can also help you to access.

The practice of mindfulness – part 1

Studies have indicated that practicing mindfulness can help you to manage common mental health problems. Indeed, the National Institute of Health and ...