New Proposed Practitioner CPD Series with Education and Business Support

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    Educational talks – Proposed subjects. Please tick topics of interest.

    yesRecording client information in the consultation: The benefits of concise case taking and timelines

    yes  Case reviews: Difficult case group discussions (practitioner real life submitted cases)

    yes  Health Claims and the Advertising Standards Agency, ensuring your web and brochure are legal

    yes  Red Flags- Recognising the limitations of your therapy and when to refer on!

    yes  Digestive Health and Support

    yes  Blood Sugar Balance

    yes  Children health support

    yesHow to use Nutrition in your Practice (for non-nutritionally trained practitioners) – Safe effective nutritional prescribing to support your therapy and give you another income stream

    yes  Introduction to diagnostic testing

    yes  Understanding Nutrigenomics and its role in practice

    yesNutrition and conception -“Increased understanding of detoxification before conception, How supplements help to remove toxic metals, An increased understanding of the benefits of supplementation on the fertility journey. How diet can affect fertility and the unborn child”

    yes  Nutrition and oral health –presentation for dentists and Dental Hygienists

    yes  Reversal of cognitive decline – presentation of the work of Professor D Bredesen and understanding how his programme can be used by practitioners to help prevent cognitive decline and aid those with early stages of the disease

    Educational talks - please suggest any other topics of interest

    Plus new for 2015 – Marketing and Sales Support for your business. Please tick topics of interest.

    yes  Online & E-commerce – improving your website visibility; online advertising opportunities; selling supplements easily online; social media; promoting your practise specialism to a broader audience

    yes  Help in your locality – promoting yourself in your geographic area; effective low cost, local advertising; PR – Generate simple press releases; Networking – exploring sensible local networking for referrals

    yes  A library of technical and therapeutic information (list available on request)

    Marketing and Sales - please suggest any other topics of interest

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    yesHanley Swan, Worcestershire
    yesSalford, Greater Manchester
    yesWoking, Surrey

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