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Vitamin and Mineral Loss in Hot Weather and when Exercising

Vitamin and Mineral Loss in Hot Weather and when Exercising

As most of us enjoy the unusually hot weather in the UK it is a good time to reflect on how certain vitamin and mineral levels in our body can be adversely affected by heat. A lot of us take the opportunity of such good weather to walk, cycle and play sports. And it’s interesting that studies into the potential loss of certain vitamins and minerals in hot weather are often focused on those undergoing rigorous physical exercise such as sportsman (particularly distance cyclists and runners) and military personnel. Continue reading  ▶

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Research from the USA linking Omega-3 and prostate cancer

Many of you may be aware of the news that has hit the mainstream media that relates to research from the USA raising health concerns for men by linking Omega 3 to prostate cancer (link to story as reported by Telegraph below).

Naturally the news came as a great surprise and concern to us here at Cytoplan. Like most food supplement companies in the UK we have a range of Fish Oil and Krill Oil products which contain good levels of Omega 3, the essential fatty acid. Continue reading  ▶

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