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New Year Health Tips 2015

The formalities of the Christmas period are essentially wonderful, with time off work, nice food and spending time with your family and friends. But in reality it is also a stressful time of year for many people. Then we have the excitement of the New Year and the psychological impact of a new calendar year and perhaps the post seasonal ‘blues’ as winter sets in.

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Indulging in Resveratrol & Cocoa Flavanols for Christmas?

Will you be indulging in a little red wine and chocolate this Christmas time? Or perhaps you like a little of either, or both, throughout the year. Let’s face, it both these are foods and drinks that carry some pretty hefty health warnings – so consume in moderation and occasionally is typically the refrain. However both have been in the health news regularly of late with a raft of research projects exploring the potential health benefits related to these foods and drinks. Continue reading  ▶

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Cytoplan – Our Charitable Work

Here at Cytoplan we are proud of our heritage. The ethos that the company was first built upon has remained a constant and unchanged motive in the day to day running of Cytoplan. That motive is to help with ‘optimising the health of the nation’, and this is also the aspiration of the charitable foundation that owns our shares; The AIM Foundation. Continue reading  ▶

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Secrets For A Gluten Free Christmas

A gluten free lifestyle has become an increasingly prominent option for a healthy and happy life. Whether adopting a gluten free diet or just cutting back on the amount of bread we eat can have immediate and tangible health benefits. In recent years it has become much easier for anyone to embark upon, and maintain, a gluten free diet.

A good example being the ever increasing selection of products with no gluten available at health stores and in supermarkets. More and more people are also sharing their success stories about how a shift to a gluten free life has meant a goodbye to troublesome symptoms and discomfort. Continue reading  ▶

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