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vitamin D and COVID-19

The role of vitamin D and COVID-19 (part one)

This in-depth and detailed article is provided by Eshani King, a researcher in immunology and health. Part two of this blog can be found here.

It is now widely known that a disproportionate number of COVID-19 related mortalities in the UK have been in non-white, BAME populations [2]. The obese, diabetics, hypertensives and the elderly have also been disproportionately affected. BAME doctors account for 94% of total deaths of doctors but comprise 44% of doctors [1]. The suggestion that these deaths result from deprivation does not fit with the high numbers of deaths of doctors and others in higher socio-economic classes; there must be a different and perhaps more comprehensive explanation.

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Nutritional genomics

An introduction to nutritional genomics

This article offers an introduction to nutritional genomics. Are you a nutritional or health professional working hard to recommend individualised dietary protocols for each of your clients? Maybe you have tried a food regime or which worked wonders for one of your loved ones – mother, aunt, sister – but did not achieve the same results for the other members of your family? Consider this, does everyone in your family wear the same shoe size? The problem is – one size may not fit all – this rule applies to both shoes and our nutrition.

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