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Probiotics first 1,000 days

Probiotics for the first 1,000 days

The more we uncover about the ecosystem of bacteria residing in us, the more it becomes evident that nurturing and supporting the good bacteria in our gut can have positive effects on our health and development. Addressing the health and diversity of the microbiome is now recognised as crucial to our development from as early as preconception.

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The perils of perfection

Bev Alderson, through her business Practically Balanced, works with individuals, groups and workplaces, wanting to take a more positive and proactive approach to enhancing wellbeing and in turn achieving greater results. Bev brings a unique and authentic perspective to the work she does, drawing upon her personal experiences, management capabilities and expertise in mindfulness, stress resilience, yoga, nutrition – and more.

In this week’s blog, Bev looks at the adaptive and maladaptive styles of perfectionism and discusses ways to hone in on perfectionism and use it as a skill.

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