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The impact of poor sleep

Sleep is a wonderful aspect of life that can often be either an enigma or a non-priority to some people. It is a strange evolutionary trait which renders all organisms vulnerable to attack and predation due to the inducement of a state of perceived unconscious paralysis. This highlights how essential sleep must be for life as some form of it is performed by every organism on the planet (even bacteria have a primitive form of a sleep/wake cycle), even though it puts them at increased danger.

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Magnesium – the underestimated mineral

Magnesium1 is one of seven macro minerals that needs to be consumed in levels of over 100mg a day. It plays an important role in over 300 enzyme reactions in the body. According to the Human Genome Project more than 3500 proteins have binding sites for magnesium, so it is essential for numerous functions within the body.  50-60% of it is found in the bones, the remaining 50-40% is mainly found in muscles, soft-tissue and bodily and cellular fluids. European Union NRV levels recommend 375mg daily.

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