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Selenium Supplements

Selenium, vitamin E supplements increase prostate cancer risk?

Another vitamin and mineral supplement ‘scare’ hit the headlines recently with claims from USA research that high supplement doses of (jointly) vitamin E and the mineral Selenium could increase prostate cancer risks. Although the purpose of the research was to attempt to find a positive correlation (for prostate and select nutrients) it was reported that their findings appeared to suggest the opposite. Continue reading  ▶

Research from the USA linking Omega-3 and prostate cancer

Many of you may be aware of the news that has hit the mainstream media that relates to research from the USA raising health concerns for men by linking Omega 3 to prostate cancer (link to story as reported by Telegraph below).

Naturally the news came as a great surprise and concern to us here at Cytoplan. Like most food supplement companies in the UK we have a range of Fish Oil and Krill Oil products which contain good levels of Omega 3, the essential fatty acid. Continue reading  ▶