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Melatonin – Much More than Meets the Eye

It has been described as the “superhero of the night” and is now considered to be one of the most important hormones and antioxidants in the body – Melatonin.

Indeed, recent research is suggesting that the health benefits of melatonin supercede what was previously considered to be simply the ‘regulator of the sleep cycle’.

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Elevated Homocysteine – A Risk Factor for Alzheimer’s Disease?

High homocysteine in the population is associated with a doubling of the risk of developing Alzheimer’s”, commented David Smith, the Professor Emeritus of Pharmacology at the University of Oxford, on a recent BBC Radio 4 programme looking at how supplements that lower the levels of the amino acid homocysteine could help to slow the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Nutrigenomics and Genetics – We are Pioneers!

“We are perhaps pioneers” so observed Dr Ben Lynch to an audience of over two hundred health practitioners in London earlier this month. He was commenting on the exciting times we live in from a health perspective, where our understanding of our individual genes and how nutritional plays a critical role in our long term health, is growing rapidly.

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Antibiotic Resistance – ‘The Ticking Time Bomb’

“The danger posed by growing resistance to antibiotics should be ranked along with terrorism on a list of threats to the nation, the government’s chief medical officer for England has said. Professor Dame Sally Davies described it as a “ticking time bomb”. She warned that routine operations could become deadly in just 20 years if we lose the ability to fight infection.” Continue reading  ▶

Alzheimer’s and Dementia – Time for ‘A Novel Therapeutic Programme’?

The announcement recently that “NHS bosses say family doctors in England are to be paid £55 for each patient they diagnose with dementia” provoked a good deal of controversy and strong opinions, both within the medical profession, the media and general public.

Alzheimer’s and Dementia have certainly been in the news frequently in recent months. This included the announcement last year by prime minster David Cameron of a welcomed increase in funding for Alzheimer’s and Dementia research as the UK hosted the first G8 dementia summit to lead international action on tackling the condition. Continue reading  ▶