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Could Alzheimer’s disease be ‘Type 3 Diabetes’?

Alzheimer’s disease has long been a condition of catastrophic consequences; a condition affecting around 26 million people worldwide, a high number of fatalities and a severe financial burden upon healthcare throughout the Western world. But need this be the case?

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Dietary Approaches to Reversing Insulin Resistance

There are currently around 3.9 million people in the UK living with Diabetes and 90% of these have ‘Type 2’ Diabetes. Although the number of people suffering from Diabetes is predicted to grow to 5 million by 2025, there is also a growing awareness that the treatment and reversal of many chronic conditions, such as Diabetes, may not lie in the field of prescriptive medicine, but in the hands of  our own lifestyle and dietary choices.

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In the News – Health and Nutrition Research

In this week’s article we provide a review of recent health related stories that made the news with five items comprising:

  • “Call to punish GPs over antibiotics”
  • “Omega-3 could help support ‘friendly bacteria’ in the gut”
  • “Targeting glucose production in the liver may lead to new diabetes therapies”
  • “Mediterranean diet ‘as effective as statins’ in reducing heart attack risk”
  • “Getting closer to understanding how exercise keeps brains young”

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Paleo Diet

The Authentic Paleo Lifestyle – Part 2 – A Suitable Diet

This is the second (and final) part of an in-depth article on ‘Paleo’ Lifestyle and specifically ‘Paleo Diet’ provided by Geoff Bond. In part one Geoff outlined how considerable changes in our typical modern diet compared to Paleo times are considered important factors in a dramatic rise in ‘modern’ ailments from obesity and diabetes to heart disease. Continue reading  ▶

Paleo Diet

The Authentic Paleo Lifestyle

Subtitled ‘Optimum Health from an Evolutionary Viewpoint’ Geoff Bond provides a fascinating and in-depth article on ‘Paleo’ Lifestyle and specifically ‘Paleo Diet’. A science graduate of London University, Geoff later experienced at first hand the cultural and eating habits of indigenous peoples all around the world. As a nutritional anthropologist, Geoff studies human origins and our ancient nutritional heritage. Continue reading  ▶