Musculoskeletal Health – Nutritional Interventions to Aid Recovery, Repair & Performance

 Musculoskeletal Health – Nutritional Interventions to Aid Recovery, Repair & Performance

Saturday 13th May 2017 | 10am – 5pm

Riverside Building, County Hall, London, SE1 7PB

The body has significant powers of self healing and regeneration. However inflammation and poor nutritional status can contribute to the rate of breakdown exceeding the rate of repair. You will probably have noticed that injuries to bone, tendons and tissues can be slower to repair in some patients than others – this may be due to excessive inflammation or a lack of nutrients needed for the repair process.

This Cytoplan practitioner education event is for all health professionals who would like to advance their nutritional knowledge relating to musculoskeletal health in order to help improve the effectiveness of their therapy. Whether you are dealing with sports performance, injury prevention, or supporting injury recovery and repair this event aims to combine the latest research and clinical applications for utilising nutrition in practice. The talks on the day will identify appropriate dietary and supplement interventions to optimise patient wellness and recovery.

Our 3 speakers are experts in their field and will bring you the latest research and applications.

Miranda Harris | Kieran MacPhail | Miguel Toribio-Mateas

5 CPD hours.

– £65 

– (£55 for students)

A healthy lunch and refreshments will be provided throughout the day.

Please note that this event is exclusively for health professionals.
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About the Speakers


“The physical and psychological effects of exercise – how personalised nutrition can assist in enhancing individual performance, help to prevent injury & aid recovery.”

Miranda is a nutritional therapist and lecturer in Nutrition Therapy/Sports Nutrition at the University of Worcester. Her MSc in 2012 involved research into Nutrition Behaviour, Knowledge and Attitudes of competitive cyclists. She has 6 years private practice experience with a variety of clients. She provides personalised sports nutrition for a range of health and weight management issues, as well as performance goals. She has a great understanding of the importance of nutrition for performance but also for prevention and recovery of injury. Miranda is a keen athlete herself and is currently training for Iron Man 2018.

The presentation will give an insight into the physical and psychological effects of exercise on the body’s systems, and how a personalised nutritional approach can play a part in enhancing individual performance, while maintaining optimum health and helping to prevent injury and aid recovery.

Current research and recommended guidelines will demonstrate how the appropriate use of macronutrients and the added dimension of nutrient timing can help to achieve this, while recognising the importance of the individual.

This will be illustrated with two case studies – a European and World Champion Age Group Triathlete (female) and an Amateur Cyclist (male).

“Systemic inflammation and pain – understanding the contribution of diet and lifestyle.”

Kieran is a nutritional therapist, physiotherapist and exercise specialist who has been working in the rehabilitation field since 2004. He presents on a wide range of topics and has published multiple papers on chronic pain as well as contributing a chapter on the limbic system and chronic pain to a text book on the limbic system. He is currently doing a PhD titled “Chronic Low Back Pain, Diet and Lifestyle and C-Reactive Protein”. His larger project is to refine an assessment and treatment algorithm for chronic low back pain.

During his presentation, he will take you through understanding diet and lifestyle as a contributor to systemic inflammation and pain. Using C-Reactive protein to objectively measure systemic inflammation, and how to use diet, lifestyle and supplementation to improve chronic low back pain symptoms.

“Supporting musculoskeletal health – with nutritional interventions to aid recovery and repair. “

Miguel is one of Britain’s leading nutrition practitioners with a specialism in ageing science. Following successful completion of a masters in clinical neuroscience at Roehampton University; Miguel was awarded a Santander Bank doctoral research scholarship for work-based learning, an award given to one candidate per year to develop a practice-based research project over a 3-4 year period, aiming to produce research outcomes that benefit the researcher’s practitioner community.

Miguel’s academic and professional background is trans-disciplinary and features post-graduate education in nutritional and metabolic medicine, as well as in systems complexity and international business. He also has 20 years of experience in stakeholder engagement and education, including senior consultant roles for some of the world’s top scientific research publishing organisations, and more recently in biotechnology. Miguel is also well known for his social media presence and his voluntary work as Chair of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT).

In this event Miguel will discuss nutritional interventions that can aid recovery and repair. He will highlight the importance of supporting digestive health and its effect on inflammation. Miguel will utilise evidence-based research and demonstrate how this can be applied to practical applications in clinic.

This session aims to help provide delegates with nutritional knowledge and tools to support their current practice and optimise their patient’s recovery and wellness.


For further information regarding the day, please contact Joseph Forsyth:

Phone: 01684 310099