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The link between stress and brain health

The effects of stress are well reported in relation to many health conditions, for example, cardiovascular health. What has received less media attention are the effects of stress on brain health.

Stress begins in the brain. As information comes in through our ears and eyes it travels to several parts of the brain. When an individual perceives stress (anything from pain to a maths test) the body interprets and processes the threat in an area of the brain called the amygdala. From there the amygdala switches on two other systems – the hormone system and a branch of the nervous system called the sympathetic nervous system.

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Alzheimer’s disease, Sleep and Melatonin

If there is one health worry that seems to eclipse all others when it comes to getting older, it is the thought of falling prey to Dementia; a condition that instils the ‘fear factor’ in us all. Indeed, a study conducted by Alzheimer’s Research UK has shown that Dementia is in fact the public’s number one fear ahead of cancer. But does this need to be the case?

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The Bredesen Protocol™ – Is nutrition the key to Alzheimer’s?

Following our recent visit to the US, and The Buck Institute, we at Cytoplan are excited to announce a collaboration with Professor Bredesen – and The Bredesen Protocol™ – to help bring his work surrounding Alzheimer’s to the UK. The Bredesen Protocol™, a multi-factorial lifestyle and nutrition based approach to treating, and reversing, early onset Alzheimer’s, has so far successfully reversed Alzheimer’s symptoms in 90% of 110 people.

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