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Lectins – Why do whole grains & pulses cause so much trouble?

For a greater understanding of the evidence base supporting the appropriateness of the Paleo Diet for human health and the inappropriateness of some of the foods common in modern day living here is an article from registered nutritional therapist Margaret Moss which featured recently in BANT* news.

It supports various nutritional elements of the Paleo Diet and is of particular relevance to people with auto immune conditions – most importantly Rheumatoid Arthritis.

It demonstrates substantial evidence about the damaging metabolic fate of lectins and the mechanism by which lectins in grains are so contra indicated in people with auto immune disease (for example).

Excellent reading for all – particularly for people who do not want to follow the Paleo Diet in its entirety yet might be interested in avoiding grains.

With many thanks to Margaret for allowing us to publish and share this article.

*British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy

You can also download the PDF document with the following link (sorry – it may not work for every browser): Lectins.pdf

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