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Polyphenols: health benefits, dietary sources and bioavailability

In the past 30 or so years researchers and food manufacturers have become increasingly interested in a certain type of antioxidant, known as polyphenols, and the role that they play in the body. The main reason for this interest stems from the antioxidant properties of polyphenols, their great abundance in our diet, and their probable role, backed up by much research, in the prevention of various diseases associated with oxidative stress, such as cancer and cardiovascular and neuro-degenerative diseases.

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In the News – Health and Nutrition Research

In this week’s article we provide a review of some of the most recent health and nutrition related articles to reach the news, five items comprising:

  • Scientists identify genes connected to well-being, depression and neuroticism
  • Type 2 diabetes is reversible – study findings mark ‘paradigm shift’
  • Protein injection hope for Alzheimer’s
  • Early introduction of peanuts and eggs cuts allergy risk, study finds
  • Fast food may expose consumers to harmful chemicals called phthalates

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The Bredesen Protocol™ – Is nutrition the key to Alzheimer’s?

Following our recent visit to the US, and The Buck Institute, we at Cytoplan are excited to announce a collaboration with Professor Bredesen – and The Bredesen Protocol™ – to help bring his work surrounding Alzheimer’s to the UK. The Bredesen Protocol™, a multi-factorial lifestyle and nutrition based approach to treating, and reversing, early onset Alzheimer’s, has so far successfully reversed Alzheimer’s symptoms in 90% of 110 people.

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