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Leading a sedentary lifestyle – could sitting really be the new smoking?

Have you ever considered how much time a day you spend sitting down? And what impact this may be having on your health? Well the average person living in the United Kingdom now spends approximately 8 to 9 hours sitting down every single day. This is quite a staggering statistic and a major health concern, one that carries distinctly separate health risks to those associated with a ‘lack of exercise’. But what are the negative impacts that a sedentary lifestyle has on our health? And how is it different from simply not exercising enough?

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The Mediterranean diet: a naturally occurring model of multi-supplementation – Part 1

Our blog this week comes in two parts, with the second to follow next week, written by Miguel Toribio-Mateas. Miguel is an experienced nutrition practitioner and researcher with a specialisation in ageing and particularly brain ageing, having completed a MSc in Clinical Neuroscience at Roehampton University along with extensive professional development in this subject, including a fellowship in metabolic and nutritional medicine with the Metabolic Medicine Institute (US) and a US Board Certification in Clinical Science of Anti-Ageing. Continue reading  ▶

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In the news – Health and nutrition research

In this week’s article we provide a roundup of some of the most recent health and nutrition related articles to be in the news, five items comprising:

  • Characteristic chemical signature for chronic fatigue syndrome identified
  • Vegans should take vitamin B12 supplements ‘permanently’: German Nutrition Society
  • Parkinson’s protein test could lead to earlier diagnosis
  • Sleep ‘resets’ brain connections crucial for memory and learning, study reveals
  • Scientists study link between unhealthy pregnancy diet and ADHD

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