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Human hormones and the seasons

Once the vibrant, fun packed summer comes to an end and we approach autumn and then winter, we can feel less vivacious and more lethargic than during the warmer months. This can affect mood and feelings of vitality; however, it is part of a normal cycle of life as we are intrinsically linked to the annual orbit of the Earth.

Long understood by traditional practices, physiological studies now support the notion that our biology is strongly influenced by the changing seasons, particularly through the effect they have on our hormones.

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Vitamin D: 100 years on

2022 marked one hundred years since Elmer McCollum and Marguerite Davis, two biochemists, reported their discovery of a substance they would name – vitamin D. It was also the year that the connection between sunlight and vitamin D was made. A century on, and vitamin D continues to be at the forefront of research and the science has evolved rapidly, uncovering more and more about its benefits to our health. In fact, vitamin D has become the one of the most highly researched nutrients.

As we make our transition into the autumn months, when the sunlight is not strong enough for the body to make vitamin D, we feel it is the perfect time to recap on the benefits of vitamin D and also to take a look at the very latest research, one hundred years on. Continue reading  ▶

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Supporting mood, focus and concentration

This may be one year that we can say that we truly have experienced a ‘proper’ summer. We have had prolonged warm spells and holidaying abroad has become more feasible again. While the hot weather has undoubtedly caused some issues in terms of comfort and plans, it has at least felt like summer has happened.

Hopefully you will have had a break or enjoyed some of the warmer evenings and weekends. As I write this, I can hardly believe that that full-time work, the school term and a return to normality are looming or even present in some forms.

Whether you work or study, or have children or not, the end of summer certainly heralds a change of pace.

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