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Bioflavonoids and flavonoids are sometimes known as Vitamin P and are natural compounds giving colour to fruits and plants. Vitamin C is best absorbed in the presence of bioflavonoids as they help reduce Vitamin C depletion and improve absorption; most bioflavonoids are citrus derived.

Cytoplan & ‘The Nutrition Gap’

When it comes to nutrition the philosophy at Cytoplan is that: a) There is a ‘Nutrition Gap’ in the population, supported by research, which means most people are not getting the nutrients they need for health from their diet. b) Nutritional supplements can bridge this gap when they contain the appropriate levels of nutrients; and also when the nutrients within are in a bioeffective form (for example ‘Food State and Wholefood’). Continue reading  ▶

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Hay Fever – Natural Nutrients Support

Hay Fever season is upon us and poor sufferers will be experiencing a range of symptoms and severity which in extreme cases will cause (apart from the sneezing, streaming eyes and irritations) significant ‘debilitation’. And it’s no surprise as hay fever triggers an excessive immune response in the body and this can cause varying levels of fatigue and weakness. Continue reading  ▶