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Latest immune support advice from our Nutritional Therapists

During these worrying and challenging times, we are getting a lot of queries about how best to support resilience to infections. As COVID-19 is caused by a novel virus there is limited research with regards to specific support that may be useful. However, evidence is available for interventions which support immunity, protect against viral infections and may possess antiviral activity. In addition, new research is emerging all the time with regards to interventions that have the potential to be useful against this specific strain, as well as other strains of coronavirus.

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Vitamin C – forms, functions and latest research

Vitamin C is one of the most commonly supplemented nutrients. Although it is probably best known for its importance to immunity, vitamin C has multiple other functions within the body.

In the 1920s, vitamin C was first identified by the prospective Nobel laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi from Szeged University in Hungary, who unravelled the role of this essential vitamin for the treatment and prevention of scurvy resulting from vitamin C deficiency.

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Keeping healthy in self-isolation

At a time where it is necessary to self-isolate or reduce social contact it is also essential that we not only look after our bodies but also our minds. Although being unable to go about our daily routine, work, gym and socialise seems daunting, depressing and anxiety-provoking it can be an opportunity to step off the daily treadmill and focus on our own and our family’s wellbeing. This blog aims to provide some tools which we can all use to support emotional wellbeing during this difficult time as well as some to occupy some time and support wellness.

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